Welcome to my website. The Empire Apartments pictured here play a significant role in my cozy mystery series available everywhere. Last year was an incredible year for me, and 2015 looks to be even better. SMOTHERED COVERED & DEAD, a Jordan McAllister Mystery novella. released in May to some great reviews. Another JM mystery, tentatively titled ENCHI-LOTTA BODIES will debut early next year. For all you cozy lovers out there, I'm hoping to introduce you to the first book in a NEW cozy series sometime next year as well. The third Dead Sister Talking / Garcia Girls Mystery, MISSION TO KILL, released in digital and print September 14th. Audio to follow soon. The first two books of that series, HEARD IT THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE and JAILHOUSE GLOCK are now available on audio. Renamed the Garcia Girls Mysteries, these are soft boiled mysteries, not cozies. Yay! And if that isn't enough, hopefully, I’ll soon have release dates for the first book in a Romantic Suspense series titled, SWEEPERS: DIE ONCE MORE along with a short prequel titled SWEEPERS: A KISS TO DIE FOR. Still waiting for CHICKEN CACCIA-KILLER to come out in mass market paperback from HQN Worldwide Mysteries. Check out my Books page for trailers, excerpts, and buy buttons.

Breaking News: Murder For The Halibut hit number #11 on Baker and Taylor’s Bestselling Mystery List, right up there with Gillian Flynn and Michael Connolly. Sending a big thank you to everyone who made this happen.

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Remember, life is precious. Use your good china, break out that fancy lingerie you were saving, and above all, laugh until your cheeks ache. Oh, and curl up with a good book – preferably mine.




A Dead Sister Talking/Garcia Girls Mystery
Available now.

After Emily Ruiz Sanchez is killed in a shootout with police during a bank robbery in El Paso, Dr. Kate Garcia gets a call from a Houston lawyer. Seems the woman has left her sizeable inheritance to Kate and family friend, Benny Yates, who runs the Mission of Hope, a soup kitchen for the down and out citizens of Vineyard. The problem is—the Emily they knew lived on the streets of Vineyard and died of a drug overdose three months before. Suspicion falls on Benny when another homeless person drops dead at the Mission and he is listed as the beneficiary of the man’s recent life insurance policy. The Garcia girls go into sleuth mode once again to keep their friend out of jail, before they discover one of their own is also a suspect. But even with the trash-talking ghost of their dead sister Tessa making another appearance from the “other” side, they have their work cut out for them to keep their sibling from wearing an orange jumpsuit.


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